• Winterize your boat videos

    Winterize your boat videos

    BOAT US videos on winter storage. Fuel Stabilization, Batteries and ventilation

  • Louisiana Amendment Would Protect State's Artificial Reef Program

    Louisiana Amendment Would Protect State's Artificial Reef Program

    A proposed constitutional amendment on the Nov. 4 ballot would give special protection to money for a long-running state program that turns decommissioned oil rigs into artificial reefs to boost marine habitat.

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  • New Fishing Products

    New Fishing Products

    new fishing products

  • Frisco Rod and Gun report 10-3

    Frisco Rod and Gun report 10-3

    The weather today started off beautiful winds were north 5-10mph but turned south around mid afternoon. The temperature was around 70 throughout the day. Fishing from the beaches was good in the morning until the wind shifted. In Avon there was puppy drum, bluefish, spot, and some sea-mullet caught. In Buxton and Frisco the water was to rough and dirty to fish. Some place in Buxton the waves were to the dunes leaving no beach to fish from. In Hatteras there was some flounder and bluefish caught. Inshore boats found the drum again today and some reported 20+ fish caught. The bluefish were biting today also. Offshore the dolphin and wahoo fishing was good with limits caught. The black fin tuna were scattered today. Only a few sailfish were released today. From the bottom the amberjack, tilefish, triggerfish, rosefish, and squirrel fish were caught.

  • The Southern Fishing report

    The Southern Fishing report

    Bass fishing is good but the cooler weather should make it great. Top water and swim baits worked over brush in 20 to 30 feet of water has still been working well. A Sworming Hornet Bite Sized Herring and a Sebile have been our best choices on the swim baits and a Gun Fish, a chug bug, and a spook have been best on the top water side

  • Virginia Beach sportfishing report 10-4

    Virginia Beach sportfishing report 10-4

    Common to this time of year, a barrage of fronts and gusty storms continue to challenge anglers. If you have a schedule allowing you to take advantage of the brief weather breaks, the fall fishing scene can be very good

  • Rivers End Tackle report 9-26

    Rivers End Tackle report 9-26

    Striped Bass - We've heard of some solid reports this week of bass being caught in the surf in the South County, RI area, including several fish over 30 lbs. We've also heard a few solid surf reports from eastern CT as well as out at Block Island.

  • Outdoor Clothing

    Outdoor Clothing

  • Frisco Rod and Gun report  Buxton 9-25

    Frisco Rod and Gun report Buxton 9-25

    Up on the Avon beaches some bluefish were caught. Around the Buxton beaches puppy drum were caught The Frisco beach had bluefish and some puppy drum reported. On the Hatteras beaches some bluefish, pompano, puppy drum and flounder were reported.